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Nominations now open for the 2014 Achievement Awards

SOBA:UK honors those individuals yearly whose passion for achievement and a better community contributes to an uplifting existence for us all. This October 18th at the 2014 Convention gala, in Wokefiled Park De Vere Venues, Reading, their breakthrough achievements will be recognised.

Nominations are now open until the 8th of October.  If you know someone whose achievements in any of the listed categories is worth recognising – follow the links on the page to announce this person/s’ achievements –

Nomination eligibility
The following individuals and/or groups are excluded :- any members of the SOBA:UK Executive.
Nomination requirements 
Please use the form on this website to nominate. Check out the categories at

Recognition award winners 2015

Chris & Margaret Esapa
2013 Supporter of SOBA:UK Award
Chris & Margaret where awarded the Best supporter of SOBA:UK award at the 2013 Convention in Reading for continuously showing support for Sasse ex-students in the UK and supporting our events. Other Nominees were Mr & Mrs Martin Etule and Marie Malange.

Debra Debs
2013 Best Artist Award
Debra Debs was awarded the Best Entertainer award as a fledging artist who had made strides to appear in the mainstream Soul & Jazz music scene out of London UK. Other nominees were Bonito Ewunkem and Marie Solange Ndelley.

Agbor Silvanus
2013 Best Writer Award
Agbor Silvanus was awarded the Best Writer award for his series of research books including Society and Human Behaviousal Patterns.   Other nominees were Victor Ebai and Constantine Nana.

Chris Nasa
2013 Community Builder Award
Chris Nasa was awarded the Community Builder award for sustained community work for years noted in the recent Cameroon Forum group and many charities run by him.  Other nominees were Samson Ndaga and Dr Carol Tah.

Dr Theodore Ngatchu
2013 Professional Role Model Award
Dr. Theodore Ngatchu was awarded the Professional Role model award in 2013.  Other nominees were Dr Felix Fombon and Dr Nelson Enonchong.

Divine Ndumu
2013 Business Role Model Award
Divine Ndumu was awarded the Business Role model award in 2013.  Other nominees were Evaristus Wete and Richard Nfor.