Perfect Bow Ties For The SOBA:UK Convention Gala 2017

Gents and ladies welcome to MammyPi’s Fashion corner for the SOBA:UK residential convention in Dunchurch, Rugby on the 11-12 November 2017. Here with some of my coolest fashion tips and tricks to look the dandiest for an evening of style and glamour.


Today we look at bow ties. They are a must-have accessory in every man’s closet and a perfect piece for a formal dinner. Here is why.

Bow ties are easy to wear compared to ties which have to be properly knotted. They are the perfect accessory for a dapper men’s style inspiration. Bow ties are great for weddings and black tie affairs. You can make your guest appearance unique, quirky and stylish with the right color bow tie. Moreover, they are good for the pictures and perfect when paired with the right bands or pocket squares.

Another reason I love bow ties: it reflects confidence and style. Best of all you don’t get stains on them. That’s why medical consultants prefer them to ties.

They look pretty good on ladies, too! Herewith some of the perfect bows for your guest appearance at SOBA:UK 2017 Convention gala.







1-Velvet and satin bow tie

This dark-red bow tie will bring a luxurious edge to a formal evening look. Don’t you just love the pop of color?





2-Silk-satin bow tie

This  classic satin bow tie  style will instantly refine formal looks

3-Polka-dot silk-knit bow tie

Timeless end note to finish a classic white evening shirt.


4-Velvet and silk bow tie

Does it get any better than velvet and silk? Put a modern spin to your outfit with this velvet bow.


5-Sequin-embellished bow tie

A crisp white shirt will make the perfect backdrop.

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