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SOBA:UK 2017 Annual Residential Convention: The Rock Stars gathered in Rugby

Another year and yet again another great Convention of pure style and class has been staged by SOBA:UK, unparalleled to any other Cameroonian event in the UK diaspora.

Within the Cameroonian Communities abroad, we are noticing some transformations in their life styles and preferences. As the matured wisdom sets in and push them towards making efforts to assist in the building of the brand name, so that they eventually can give back to members as well as to the institution that initiated their career goals in life. This is what SOBA:UK is all about and this was the message the SOBA:UK 2017 Annual Convention that was held in Rugby sent out to the world, indicating that SOBA:UK is a very unique, inclusive, non-ethnic, non-sectional association that brings together its membership and guests from across the UK, Ireland, USA, Europe and Africa.

What a novelty by the ex-students of Saint Joseph’s College, Sasse. What a smart move of getting support from Sobans and the whole community in the UK to be involved with this great SOBA:UK event, and it’s a family affair too. The Sasse Old Boys Rock Stars, their acronym SOBA:UK, residing in the United Kingdom and Ireland were appraising their responsibilities to the community in their theme of “Building a Stronger Community”.

The 2017 SOBA:UK Annual Convention in Rugby had a huge focus on the welfare of the SOBAN membership and how to restructure, assert and sustain the future of the associations. Headed by SOBA: UK’s “Frugal and Servant Leader”, Mr Ayuk Akoh-Arrey, SOBA:UK has joined the chains of reputable African associations that could be reckon with. In a good footing, the 2017 SOBA:UK Annual Residential Convention in Rugby has gone a long way towards internationising their Alma Mater.

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group observed that the SOBA:UK Convention was a huge success with a sellout crowd of circa 300 guests, including high-powered Sobans delegations from the Irish Republic, USA, Europe and Africa. The main sponsors namely Options International, Tamangwa Shipping and Sellam Quick who delivered excellent presentations of their companies were all accorded a VIP service. There was also strong support from the OPSA UK alumni represented by Dr Jacqui Lottin-Nfor and her team who presented the awards in the gala night for best supporter of SOBA:UK that was won by Ms Evelyne Aguen Dia, and the most dedicated Soban that was won by Soban Eko Ngwashi.

Best supporter of SOBA:UK award 2017

Most dedicated Soban award 2017

Award winner smiles for the camera at the SOBA:UK Convention gala night
SOBA:UK Convention 2017 Sponsor
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Why Rugby?

There are reasons why Rugby hosted the three day’s event, from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November:

The Dunchurch Park Hotel in Rugby, Warwickshire was chosen because of the exclusive availability of all facilities only to SOBA:UK and the convenience of the location in a county that is known for its history as the birth place of the world renowned poet William Shakespeare.

It all started on Friday evening with a welcome buffet dinner for younger Sobans and a management board meeting with a champagne toast. Sobans went to work on Saturday during the AGM delibrations which lasted for five hours, before the well attended main Gala night event. The Sunday BBQ and Falconry display events concluded the historic 2017 come together.

Cameroon Concord News understands that the feedback from many of the guests has been positive. We have seen feedback from Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi on a Facebook video which gave a big thumbs up for the event in her special Power Couple message.

The AGM deliberations where very frank, candid and cordial. To be sure, it offered a thoughtful key to some big decisions that were taken to strengthen the association’s structures and brand name for the future. The plans to continue to make the SOBA:UK financially strong are very much on track which in turn will bring about great benefits to members, as well as the alma mater. The 2017 SOBA:UK Convention was indeed to build a stronger community

The SOBA:UK president has already sent a thank you message to all guests, along with a collection of the most amazing pictures of the event as a class act to finalise the 2017 year with SOBA in the UK and shared with Cameroon Concord News.

OPSA UK and representatives pose at the SOBA:UK Convention in Rugby, 11th November 2017
SOBA:UK Convention 2017 Sponsor

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The Tamangwa Shipping commercial, Tamangwa Shipping team and representatives after their  presentation

SOBA:UK President and a representative of Options International

A representative of Options International giving an inspirational presentation

A representative of Sellam Quick relaying news of the company’s growth and progress over the years

Rock stars of SOBA:UK and SOBAN Representation from Ireland, USA and Germany at the SOBA:UK Convention on 11th November 2017

Power couples at the SOBA:UK  Convention on 11th November 2017
SOBA:UK Convention 2017 Sponsor

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all the SOBA:UK members and their supporters.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai
Cameroon Concord News Group