2017/2018 Q2 brings big strides for the UK alumni

24 February 2018 at Dunchurch Park Hotel Rugby, the SOBA:UK General Assembly decided on its latest improvements.

In recent discussions, members agreed to consolidate the group’s structure, to improve rigour in the association’s financial practises and to improve the direct benefits received by members of SOBA:UK.

Key milestones were achieved and under the following specific areas

  • Increasing welfare payouts for long-standing members
  • The resolve to setup a trust to strengthen the organisation’s financial standing
  • The importance of protecting publication rights, and adopting a system for obtaining permission to use of the association’s brand and content
  • Further strengthening of the organisation’s status as a membership association with limited liability provided to its members and not individuals

The SOBA:UK General Assembly in the 2017 AGM voted to look inward at ways of increasing connections between its community of Sobans, to help create better lifestyle outcomes for its members here in the UK after contributing £18,000 in previous years to Sasse college.

“We are very pleased with recent steps to fortify the association legally. This change will set out the foundation for serious accountability. Also I like the way the association is run and governed by its members. I am also excited about the possibilities as our alumni group continues to grow into an exemplary community-run organisation.”

said Alfred Bawak, a long standing member of SOBA:UK

General Assembly Meeting 24 February 2018,
SOBAUK General Assembly Meeting 24 February 2018 – Summary of Minutes