SOBA:UK enhances relationships amongst the UK community of over 300 Sasse college alumni and with the international SOBA (Sasse Old Boys Association) community. We are the UK organisation for ex-students of St Joseph’s College, Sasse located in Buea, Cameroon.

We offer a wide range of exclusive social events and resources – from published research and news by peers, free communication infrastructure, professional networking opportunities to member collaboration on sponsored projects locally and overseas. These activities & resources exercise the many strengths of the SOBA:UK membership.

Our goal is to help our members stay connected with each other and encourage them to discover and be inspired by the collective achievements of Sobans across all ages and classes. In the UK, we achieve these goals through five main values:

  • Setting Higher Standards
  • Promoting Professional Excellence and talent development
  • Earning more income
  • Facilitating community collaboration
  • and offering support to the Alma Mater

Overall we aim to reinforce the greater legacy of St. Joseph’s College Sasse in Buea, Cameroon and ensure its strong future. Naturally, we participate in outreach programmes designed to increase support of the role of Cameroon’s alumni organisations in general and specifically in the UK.

The SOBA:UK Executive team exists to advise its projects  teams and lead the UK membership, with focus on  increasing and enhancing engagement within the alumni network.

For all general enquiries please contact: