SOBA UK is constantly looking for Volunteers with Ideas


Do you want to help develop the capacity in the Soban network here in the UK?

Are you an enthusiastic ex-student looking to broaden your horizons? SOBA UK wants to hear from you! SOBA UK is the UK’s only professional association run by Soban for Sobans and we’re constantly looking for new ways to evolve, grow and develop the network. We’re also interested in investing in projects to improve Sasse college.

We’re looking for Volunteers with Ideas.  If you have an idea of a project which would benefit the Soban community in the UK, or Sasse college, and you’d like to find and head-up a team to run with it, we’d love to hear from you.  SOBA UK volunteers are not a new concept. It simply means you get the chance to work with other Sobans, improve your skills and execute your ideas without being a member of the executive team.

We are looking to progress a select number of ideas, and yours could well be one of them:

As an SOBA UK ‘Volunteer with an idea’ you can expect:

  • The freedom to progress your idea within agreed boundaries
  • Full support from the SOBA UK executive team 
  • Regular (fortnightly or monthly) phone meetings with a sponsoring team 
  • Marketing of your developed project through the SOBA UK mailing list to thousands of UK members
  • Full credit for your work
  • A support network of other volunteers and enthusiastic members 

If you have an idea that you’d like to run with, please contact us to discuss it. We’re only able to run with a limited number of ideas, so please be as specific as possible. We’re open to all sorts of ideas, including (but not limited to):

  • Ways of engaging Sobans who haven’t heard of SOBA UK before
  • Ways to develop material (videos, presentations, articles, books) that are of value to the communities
  • Ideas for events, whether real-world or virtual
  • Methods of promoting recognition of the role of SOBA in Sasse and Cameroonian communities around the world

So — go ahead, free-wheel, and submit an idea today – log into


What does a volunteer role entail?

The role requires:

  • Enthusiasm!
  • The ability to work outside of your comfort zone and handle ambiguity!
  • A shared interest in establishing the chapter as a networking hub for Sobans in the UK
  • Working directly with the executive team and liaising with other volunteers and Chapter members as required
  • 2-4  hours a month over a 3 month trial period
  • All volunteers must be paid up SOBA UK Chapter members.

In return, you get the opportunity to broaden your experience whilst widening your network. It’s a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new, working with other Sobans!


How to become a volunteer

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to register your interest.

Before we can register your interest as a volunteer, we need you to sign a short confidentiality agreement. This is necessary as you might occasionally need to deal with confidential information (e.g. membership data) in your role as a volunteer).

You can download the confidentiality agreement here

Once you have completed the confidentiality agreement, please e-mail a scanned copy to

When e-mailing, please include the following information:

  • Your e-mail address
  • Your SOBA Membership number
  • Location
  • Industry Sector
  • Role (day job)
  • Skills
  • Particular area of volunteering interest
  • If applicable – a short document proposing a project/initiative that you are particularly interested in pursuing (* this is entirely optional). Also feel free to create a new topic at the online forums – with the content of this document. 

Depending on the requirements of your project idea (it may need discussing at the annual general meeting) we contact when an an opportunity to progress arises.    If you have a specific project, initiative or area of volunteering that you would like to become involved with, please let us know.


What do our volunteers do?

SOBA UK is supported by a wide-ranging team of passionate volunteers who help the chapter to function. Here is a flavour of just some of the activities our volunteers undertake:

Updating the website, including adding details of upcoming events
Helping to co-ordinate and execute marketing campaigns
Proposing, organising and running events across project teams  — including dedicated teams running specific ongoing projects!
Helping with longer-term strategic initiatives
Helping with knowledge management initiatives
Helping with initiatives for improving Sasse college

This list is by no means extensive, and we are looking to have volunteers helping in a wide range of areas.

Did you know…. SOBA UK has branches across the UK.   Branches in Ireland and potentially Wales and Scotland,  will be supported by volunteer branch committees. It is the executives teams intention to set up a  branch committees within mainland England, and a number of volunteers are being identified.

 The chapter continues to grow and thrive through the time and dedication put in by our volunteer teams!