SOBA:UK General Assembly Meeting Reminder

Date: 24th February, 2018
Start Time: 11am prompt
Finish Tine: 6pm
Buffet Dinner: 2pm

The Draycote Suite
Dunchurch Park Hotel
CV22 6QW

The tentative agenda is as follows
a) Key Discussions and Resolutions (New and Existing)
b) Financial Review to close of 2017
c) Appointment of new Patrons
d) AOB
e) Breakout for Buffet Dinner
f) Motivational Speakers (Careers and Profession and still subject to availability)
g) Networking and drinks.

See you all there!

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SOBA:UK 2017 Annual Residential Convention: The Rock Stars gathered in Rugby

Another year and yet again another great Convention of pure style and class has been staged by SOBA:UK, unparalleled to any other Cameroonian event in the UK diaspora.

Within the Cameroonian Communities abroad, we are noticing some transformations in their life styles and preferences. As the matured wisdom sets in and push them towards making efforts to assist in the building of the brand name, so that they eventually can give back to members as well as to the institution that initiated their career goals in life. This is what SOBA:UK is all about and this was the message the SOBA:UK 2017 Annual Convention that was held in Rugby sent out to the world, indicating that SOBA:UK is a very unique, inclusive, non-ethnic, non-sectional association that brings together its membership and guests from across the UK, Ireland, USA, Europe and Africa.

What a novelty by the ex-students of Saint Joseph’s College, Sasse. What a smart move of getting support from Sobans and the whole community in the UK to be involved with this great SOBA:UK event, and it’s a family affair too. The Sasse Old Boys Rock Stars, their acronym SOBA:UK, residing in the United Kingdom and Ireland were appraising their responsibilities to the community in their theme of “Building a Stronger Community”.

The 2017 SOBA:UK Annual Convention in Rugby had a huge focus on the welfare of the SOBAN membership and how to restructure, assert and sustain the future of the associations. Headed by SOBA: UK’s “Frugal and Servant Leader”, Mr Ayuk Akoh-Arrey, SOBA:UK has joined the chains of reputable African associations that could be reckon with. In a good footing, the 2017 SOBA:UK Annual Residential Convention in Rugby has gone a long way towards internationising their Alma Mater.

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group observed that the SOBA:UK Convention was a huge success with a sellout crowd of circa 300 guests, including high-powered Sobans delegations from the Irish Republic, USA, Europe and Africa. The main sponsors namely Options International, Tamangwa Shipping and Sellam Quick who delivered excellent presentations of their companies were all accorded a VIP service. There was also strong support from the OPSA UK alumni represented by Dr Jacqui Lottin-Nfor and her team who presented the awards in the gala night for best supporter of SOBA:UK that was won by Ms Evelyne Aguen Dia, and the most dedicated Soban that was won by Soban Eko Ngwashi.

Best supporter of SOBA:UK award 2017

Most dedicated Soban award 2017

Award winner smiles for the camera at the SOBA:UK Convention gala night
SOBA:UK Convention 2017 Sponsor
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Why Rugby?

There are reasons why Rugby hosted the three day’s event, from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November:

The Dunchurch Park Hotel in Rugby, Warwickshire was chosen because of the exclusive availability of all facilities only to SOBA:UK and the convenience of the location in a county that is known for its history as the birth place of the world renowned poet William Shakespeare.

It all started on Friday evening with a welcome buffet dinner for younger Sobans and a management board meeting with a champagne toast. Sobans went to work on Saturday during the AGM delibrations which lasted for five hours, before the well attended main Gala night event. The Sunday BBQ and Falconry display events concluded the historic 2017 come together.

Cameroon Concord News understands that the feedback from many of the guests has been positive. We have seen feedback from Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi on a Facebook video which gave a big thumbs up for the event in her special Power Couple message.

The AGM deliberations where very frank, candid and cordial. To be sure, it offered a thoughtful key to some big decisions that were taken to strengthen the association’s structures and brand name for the future. The plans to continue to make the SOBA:UK financially strong are very much on track which in turn will bring about great benefits to members, as well as the alma mater. The 2017 SOBA:UK Convention was indeed to build a stronger community

The SOBA:UK president has already sent a thank you message to all guests, along with a collection of the most amazing pictures of the event as a class act to finalise the 2017 year with SOBA in the UK and shared with Cameroon Concord News.

OPSA UK and representatives pose at the SOBA:UK Convention in Rugby, 11th November 2017
SOBA:UK Convention 2017 Sponsor

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The Tamangwa Shipping commercial, Tamangwa Shipping team and representatives after their  presentation

SOBA:UK President and a representative of Options International

A representative of Options International giving an inspirational presentation

A representative of Sellam Quick relaying news of the company’s growth and progress over the years

Rock stars of SOBA:UK and SOBAN Representation from Ireland, USA and Germany at the SOBA:UK Convention on 11th November 2017

Power couples at the SOBA:UK  Convention on 11th November 2017
SOBA:UK Convention 2017 Sponsor

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all the SOBA:UK members and their supporters.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai
Cameroon Concord News Group

Grooming For Confidence: Be Ready For Convention

Groom Tips For Men
Grooming Tips For Men

Gents and ladies welcome to Mammypi’s Fashion corner for the SOBA UK residential convention in Dunchurch, Rugby on the 11-12 November 2017. Here with some of my coolest fashion tips and tricks to look the dandiest for an evening of style and glamour.

Convention is drawing near which means a rigorous skin switch up routine should be on the cards. Today we look at fashion and beauty tips to help you look and feel your best for the next SOBA:UK convention gala while ensuring that your skin is getting the best treatment.

Grooming is crucial because people’s first impressions are pivotal: it will influence your chance of getting that job, that client or that girl. If you can’t be bothered to take an interest in your appearance, why should anyone take an interest in you?

But first off the list, have you got your tickets? Now let’s talk men’s grooming and some of the products to achieve a perfectionist style.

Nothing turns a lady on like a well groomed man with impeccable style. Self grooming is not only a thing for the ladies. Men also cleanse, moisturise wear mud mask and conceal. Trick! to keep your face looking younger and healthy, why not try applying face mask at least twice a week and using a deep rich moisturiser every night before bedtime to keep your face looking healthy and right throughout  the season.

How charming is your smile? A great dental care routine is essential for maintaining a healthy and charming smile. To ensure your smile remains charming, give your teeth and gum the best treatment by investing in the most effective toothpaste.

Do you belong to the beardgang or you love your skin smooth? Whether you clean shave or just shape your facial hair, the need for a solid razor and cream to soften facial hair  is always on the grooming routine. Tip, always remember to shave in the direction of hair growth to reduce irritation and the chance of ingrown hair.

These products are designed to make your look pop while you look and smell divine. Perfumes that can make you feel like you’ve just stepped off a boat in Capri. A Pair of socks that can help a man change his look, switch up the mood. So here with some of my favourite products for autumn that are not only transformative but can help express your best party mood.

Tom Ford Private Blend Neroli Portofino Eau De Parfum £230

5 Shoes Every Man Should Own

Gents Shoe Styles

Gents and ladies welcome to Mammypi’s Fashion corner for the SOBA UK residential convention in Dunchurch, Rugby on the 11-12 November 2017. Here with some of my coolest fashion tips and tricks to look the dandiest for an evening of style and glamour.

It goes without saying that women love shoes. However, what type of shoes should a well-dressed man own is the question we are asking our fashion readers. Being a shoe addict myself, I have put together five of my favorite footwear for men struggling with shoemaking decisions.

We are not by any means suggesting you should not own more than five pairs of shoes. However, these five show styles should be a guide to you’re shopping list and help you rotate depending on the outfit you are wearing-style

5 Shoes Every Man Should Own
The Boot- GUCCI

Web-striped leather Chelsea boots £645

When your urban look requires a smart finishing touch, the boot is a versatile choice. We salute this season’s key style. The boot comes up to size 11 for bigger feet.

5 Shoes Every Man Should Own

 Loafers £885

Christian Louboutin-

Ecupump logo-crest patent-leather

Ladies love a man in red bottoms. This loafer in the black patent will take your next black tie look a notch up. You are guaranteed a distinguished and polished finish paired with the right outfit. Wear with a tuxedo or a wool sweater and an overcoat to compliment the weather.

5 Shoes Every Man Should Own


Stan Smith low-top nubuck trainers

5 Shoes Every Man Should Own

Lace-up leather brogues: Similar (HERE)



Grained-leather espadrilles: Similar (HERE)


Perfect Bow Ties For The SOBA:UK Convention Gala 2017

Gents and ladies welcome to MammyPi’s Fashion corner for the SOBA:UK residential convention in Dunchurch, Rugby on the 11-12 November 2017. Here with some of my coolest fashion tips and tricks to look the dandiest for an evening of style and glamour.


Today we look at bow ties. They are a must-have accessory in every man’s closet and a perfect piece for a formal dinner. Here is why.

Bow ties are easy to wear compared to ties which have to be properly knotted. They are the perfect accessory for a dapper men’s style inspiration. Bow ties are great for weddings and black tie affairs. You can make your guest appearance unique, quirky and stylish with the right color bow tie. Moreover, they are good for the pictures and perfect when paired with the right bands or pocket squares.

Another reason I love bow ties: it reflects confidence and style. Best of all you don’t get stains on them. That’s why medical consultants prefer them to ties.

They look pretty good on ladies, too! Herewith some of the perfect bows for your guest appearance at SOBA:UK 2017 Convention gala.







1-Velvet and satin bow tie

This dark-red bow tie will bring a luxurious edge to a formal evening look. Don’t you just love the pop of color?





2-Silk-satin bow tie

This  classic satin bow tie  style will instantly refine formal looks

3-Polka-dot silk-knit bow tie

Timeless end note to finish a classic white evening shirt.


4-Velvet and silk bow tie

Does it get any better than velvet and silk? Put a modern spin to your outfit with this velvet bow.


5-Sequin-embellished bow tie

A crisp white shirt will make the perfect backdrop.

The great SOBA:UK alumni association for rock star ex-students

With excitement building amongst Sobans in the UK around the 2017 Annual Residential Convention slated from the 10th to the 12th of November in Rugby, it seems the organisation team headed by Ayuk Akoh-Arrey and his executive and event management teams, have ticked most boxes on the to do list, and are satisfied with the preparations.

The Association wants to continue to deliver on its theme of “Building A Stronger Community”. Festivities, which include the SOBA:UK’s AGM and ceremonies, will kick off formally at 11am on the 11th of November at Dunchurch Park Hotel and Conference Centre, Rugby Road, Dunchurch.

Pre-SOBA:UK events across the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland are in full swing. These include media networking sessions, Sobans interactions with sponsors and local communities and dry runs of programs for the big day. During their address on Saturday the 11th of November, the SOBA:UK leadership team will highlight what has been achieved by so far since their recent inauguration in the 2017 executive elections. The AGM involves members discussing SOBA:UK priorities and programmes for the year ahead. Amongst many topics this year, extensions to the existing welfare structure to further support to Sobans in various challenging situations in the UK, as well as new proposals to partner with SOBA America in 2018 in giving back to their alma mater and encouraging academic and extra-curricular achievement in Sasse College.

The NewsFeed team sought to discover how SOBA:UK has come to occupy the number one spot of Cameroon alumni associations in the UK.

“It has taken a simple recipe, which is the sustained effort and commitment by many Sobans. Ever since Ayuk Akoh-Arrey became president in 2014, with his background in financial services, he has sought to make the association financially strong.” said Frankline Egbe, newly voted Treasurer.



SOBA:UK Convention 2017 Sponsor
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In 2014 SOBA:UK set a vision

A number of volunteers organized themselves into six strategic teams to drive growth.

“We were poised to set a long term plan to compete with the likes of the Eton college alumni at this meeting” says Secretary General John Bawak. “We believed the UK association deserved to boast of a big bank account and such a vibrant community that Sobans would feel comfortable talking about SOBA:UK at their places of work. That is the moment the SOBA:UK brand became crucial”.

SOBA:UK at a long term vision meeting in 2014 to identify a model for their community of volunteers . Photographer: Alex Quest

What’s more, is the potential for various people to take part in this growth by working in grand projects to drive the vision. This is how SOBA:UK gets people to participate in projects and activities that create the dynamic association that it is today. The Charity and Welfare team establishes and reviews systems for Sobans in need. The events management team undertakes strategic leadership in planning and executing all their events. A Liasons team is responsible for liasing with the executive team and Sobans and also with the wider Cameroonian community. A business and systems team manages offline and online coordination of the association, meanwhile a publicity and marketing team carries out the marketing.

Newly elected Vice Secretary General Usamatu Babangida said “It is an easy association to join, it only requires to pay membership and there is so much work in the various teams to keep you busy. There are many simple tasks from general administration to sensitization and marketing”.

The Welfare Team on road trip to Scotland in 2017 in support of a bereaved Soban family in Nov 2015

The main welfare scheme has paid close to £17,000 to bereaved Sobans since 2006 when the first bereavement was issued.

“Our bereavement scheme works not just because we pay out but because Sobans show up and see the families of those who are bereaved” says Financial Secretary, Batey Tako.

SOBA:UK members have been known to make long road trips to be with the families of bereaved Sobans at their time of need. This extra-ordinary commitment towards each other is reciprocated in SOBA:UK events where hundreds of guests turn out in support of the association. Similarly, the Welfare Team has also made over £20,000 in payouts to projects in Sasse over the last 10 years. The liaisons team reports that the membership is made up of categories that recognise the presence of younger people, retired Sobans and working professionals. The group has had a dynamic mix of people from various walks of life and a good balance of members in each category over the years. Members often get their registration money back in the form of discounts at the convention event.

The Events management team boasts of three of the association’s most successful conventions in 2014, 2015 and 2016, which have seen sponsors of the likes of Lycamobile, Turkish Airways,, some other big businesses and media partners in Vox Africa, which won Channel of the Year at the African Pride Awards.

Lycamboile stand at the 2013 Annual Residential Convention in Wokefield Park, Reading


SOBA:UK Convention 2017 Sponsor
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The SOBA:UK Residential Convention is the highlight of the summer for many Cameroonians in the UK. Due to levels of demand, preparations include tight security for the guests, the media and members of the public, both inside and outside Dunchurch Park Hotel. SOBA:UK’s Event Management team for 2017 has also authorized a “Book-Early And Get Up to £60 off” discount [] to purchase a table for 10 people, with additional discounts for registered members.

The AGM is the forum where Sobans with any grievances or suggestions can attend and put their issues so that continuous structural improvements can be achieved within SOBA:UK. The president was quoted as saying that members who have genuine grievances are encouraged to attend the official AGM in 11 November, and to put those to the General Assembly for deliberation. SOBA:UK we understand is financially very strong providing a good base to support its membership, which is at the heart of the Association.

Many other Sobans all over UK are also hard at work to ensure that people participate in activities and for the event to be a success as it was in 2016. As such, they have provided even greater public access to all SOBA proceedings. Sobans in other parts of the world and Cameroon who prefer to follow the event in the comfort of their homes can tune in to our live Facebook feed for updates.

“We are confident that this greater access will allow more Sobans to hear directly from President Ayuk Akoh-Arrey about their association and about issues that concern them” noted Dennis Angafor the Vice Financial Secretary.



SOBA:UK Convention 2017 Sponsor