A great number of reasons to Join SOBA in the UK  (SOBA:UK)

We offer:

  • Fantastic value events: Opportunities to meet Sobans who are also professionals in various fields
  • Networking opportunities: Meet other Sobans, either in-person, or through online forums. This is a great way to share experiences and knowledge, either as a SOBA UK member (paid-up) or guest(un-paid with access to the online forums). Also opportunities to make new friends and or fruitful business contacts.
  • Work and knowledge sharing: You will have access to a number of projects for developing SOBA and Sasse college and opportunities to volunteer
  • Membership benefits: There are a whole host of other benefits to becoming an SOBA UK member, including discounts to various social and networking events accross the UK
  • Charitable work: Channel your giving back to the college and local communities.  Through SOBA UK you can support meaningful projects that bring real benefit to communities of Sobans or Sasse college itself.


What do we actually do?

  • We organise events that are free or discounted to our members and maintain the traditions of St Joseph’s College Sasse – like the St. Joseph’s Feast Day celebration. Other conference-type events feature educational content like health tips and trends from supporting experts.
  • We host online discussion forums for members to share knowledge, project updates, general news and jokes
  • We represent our members interests with other SOBA groups internationally
  • We answer questions and provide advice to our members on a range of topics including career progression and family life
  • We support bereaved members morally and financially and other welfare initiatives
  • We carry out research in various areas to support our activities & local communities e.g we intend to conduct a Soban survey soon highlighting Soban trends across the UK.
  • We run projects that promote collaborative work between members and helps members adopt or improve professional skills.
  • We invest in infrastructure improvements in our alma mater in Cameroon.

If at any time you have questions or need assistance, please contact our SOBA Liaisons team at soba@sobaintheuk.org, or call +44161 7000 823 to speak to a representative


Who are SOBA:UK’s members?

  • Members are ordinary everyday people, many who are working professionals within top firms here in the UK, family people who live and work in the UK. Many members are students reading varied subjects at universities all over the country.
  • We meet to share ideas and organise fund raising events, church services to mark ceremonial Sasse college dates like the  St. Joseph’s Feast Day, share information on health and educational trends for general awareness.
  • Many of our members also participate in community cultural groups, njangi’s and family-oriented associations where they are leaders or key players.
  • Members share their knowledge and wealth of experience over the SOBA:UK Mail network, online discussion forums, frequent meetings with other Sobans or face-to-face Annual General Meetings (AGMs).
  • Members meet informally frequently as some live close to each other and have weekly or monthly sporting meetups. Many members only see each other once a year at the annual convention or at quarterly Ordinary General Meetings (OGMs) where general progress is discussed.
  • The thing that ties all members together is a common past in St. Joseph’s College Sasse and the development potential in the various projects that people engage  in. Members learn a lot from each other in these engagements.