SOBA:UK is dedicated to the furtherance of the social, economic and welfare development of its members and has set out five shared values:
Setting high standards
The association has a vision to set high standards in all its activities and develop the brand for the benefit of its members. We aim to grow SOBA:UK into a community of members who collaboratively set high standards of achievement.
Professional Excellence & talent development
SOBA:UK is a diverse and inclusive organisation that uses its position to build opportunities for its professionals: We do this through;

  • Increase our understanding of the barriers to progress and limitations and facilitate elimination of these
  • Provide the environment for networking and mentorship
  • Improve use of technology to make members more responsive and engaged
  • Provide opportunities for members to contribute to development activities of the association and build track record

Earn More Income
As a community group, SOBA:UK exists within a business model that is sustainable, transparent and inclusive in ways that are responsive to members. Brand value and development is a key part of the success of SOBA:UK. The association has a drive to earn more income through commercial ventures, as well as membership and organising high quality events for the benefits of its members.
Community Collaboration
SOBA:UK views itself as a leading association in the UK and intends to collaboration with other community groups in partnership, share its experience and provide the platform and infrastructure, where possible, for other groups to grow for the greater good of the community at large.

Support to the Alma Mater
SOBA:UK has a mission to support education, health and infrastructural development of Sasse College through engagement with the proprietors, and with accountability to its members and stakeholders.

These fives values culminate in building and strengthening the SOBA:UK brand which enables the association to build a stronger community in the UK.

SOBA:UK achieves her goals of establishing and delivering projects through task groups comprising of over 25 core project members and executives. Successful projects have been set up and delivered such as with the brand design project and development of a branded and dedicated email infrastructure for all members, with capability to outsource a dedicated email system to other associations. These projects have specifically used expertise available from our highly skilled membership cohort, as appropriate.

Other projects are ongoing, such as hosting networking events and conventions, sponsoring projects overseas, publishing related research and news through SOBA:UK branded Newsfeed, exploring the symbiotic relationship in the diaspora with SOBA America and SOBA Germany, as well as other Alumni and Cameroonian groups in the UK.

In 2015 and beyond, the association continues to focus on its members and looks to implement tangible benefit systems for members though creating a medium where members can fully exploits the synergies that such an association can bring. These will be centered around specific problems our members face such as overseas bereavement costs, migration issues and welfare in the UK.

SOBA:UK prides itself of having proper governance, strong management structure and transparent financial accountability. Full and detailed accounts of all its activities are published to members regularly, and financial accountability is at the heart of everything that the association does like no other.

SOBA:UK has a constitution with bye laws that govern how she operates in the UK and all our executive members are subject to appointment by the ballot box as prescribed in the SOBA:UK constitution, whilst having regards to all the UK regulatory environment governing Associations, Clubs and Charities.