SOBA:UK is an alumni association in the UK whose members are ex-students of St Joseph’s College, Sasse located in Buea, Cameroon.

The college was established in 1939 and it is a premier educational establishment in Western Cameroon. The college is a fee paying Catholic boarding school and is renowned for producing high caliber students many of whom have progressed to high positions in industry, renowned professions and in government, including the position of former Prime Minister of Cameroon and Head of Government being an ex-student of Sasse College.

The college is located high above the Atlantic Ocean and near the foot of Buea Mountain from which its famous school anthem was derived.

The Sasse College Anthem 
1) Near the Buea mountain
High above the sea,
Stands St. Joseph’s college a place for you and me
‘Tis here that we learn Biology’
And Geometry and chemistry
In Sasse by the mountain
O Sasse by the see.

2) Time will come for roll call
Time for us to start
Early in the morning, with strong and happy hearts
I still feel the fragrance of the air
The gardens fair and evening prayers
In Sasse by the mountain
O Sasse by the sea

3) Marching into study
Going down to dine
Resting in our billets when bugle’s gone at night
We always remember Saturday nights
The Sunday white and Monday fights
In sasse by the mountain
O sasse by the sea