Each year, generous donors and sponsors support the advancement of our projects and help ensure that SOBA:UK can continue to make an impact well into the future. Fostering a thriving diasporan community along alumni lines can be challenging and associations like ours play a critical role in ensuring that top Cameroonian colleges are represented.

Through the campaigns below and others like it, we hope to uphold the tradition of ex-students giving back and sustaining the future of our members and our group. We appreciate your helping us to achieve our projects and grow even further.


Membership campaign

If you have young ones who went to Sasse and are moving to the UK, you can tell them about our association. SOBA:UK has played a key role in helping its members move towards sustainability and or career opportunities whilst in the UK. Also if you know Sasse ex-students who have not bothered to join, do tell them about this website. As a starting point, you can email soba@sobaintheuk.org for information on how to join.

The SOBA:UK Convention

The SOBA:UK Summer Convention is a yearly event that brings together Sobans in the UK.  Its gala night also attracts Cameroon’s top professionals, some big sponsors and many other diasporan groups. Visit the summer convention page.

The Recognition Awards

SOBA:UK’s sponsors often take part in programs like our Recognition Awards endowing awards on those who are recognised. The awards recognise organisations and people who have sustained active effort in chosen fields and serving as role models in our communities. These awards acknowledge the importance of professional excellence in raising the standards within our community. Do email us at soba@sobaintheuk.org if you wish to sponsor any one of the awards. Visit the awards page for a list of previous winners.


Buy Convention tickets

You can buy tickets to our summer convention gala event if you do not plan to attend.

Online gift

Your gift will be received instantly when you give online through one of our project pages.